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Connecting your camera using the LAVA SimulCharge USB

Cameras today are sophisticated pieces of technology, and your camera can connect to computers, phones, and tablets to permit tethered shooting, remote control, and image viewing. And the SimulCharge USB can be an important part of this interfacing.

What you need:
  • A camera capable of being remotely controlled over a USB connection
  • A LAVA SimulCharge USB adapter
  • A tablet compatible with the SimulCharge USB and that tablet’s adapter
  • A remote control/tethering app for the tablet (see below)

  • Cameras can connect to other hardware through wired connections (usually USB these days), or through WiFi, Bluetooth, or IR. In the case of USB wired connections, the link is established as a USB host mode connection (sometimes called USB On-The-Go or OTG).

    This blog post describes using the SimulCharge USB to make tethering work well. This adapter lets the tablet operate in USB Host mode — that is, having a camera attached — and at the same time have power supplied to the tablet.

    Since one of the benefits of tethered shooting applications is interval shooting, you might want to have your setup operate for an extended period of time. Shooting a series of interval shots lets you then create amazing time-lapse videos.

    The setup is simple: plug your camera’s USB cable into the LAVA SimulCharge USB adapter, plug the SimulCharge in to the tablet, and plug your tablet’s power adapter into the SimulCharge. Now your camera is tethered to a continuously powered tablet.

    On your tablet you will need a tethering/remote control app suited to your camera. A number of such apps exist, offering everything from remote shutter release to almost-complete control of the camera’s settings. Some apps let you set interval shots, and some offer image review, which on a tablet makes it much easier to assess shots you have just taken. The Samsung tablets compatible with the SimulCharge USB have some of the best and highest resolution screens available.